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Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter, and sequel to Electronic Arts' 2008 release, Battlefield Bad Company. Following the continuing combat adventures of misfits of the US Army's Company "B," Bad Company 2 features the characteristic humor and grit of the Bad Company series, as well as a variety of gameplay improvements and additions, including 2-32 player online support.


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Battlefield Bad Company™ 2 brings the spectacular Battlefield gameplay to the forefront of next-gen consoles and PC, featuring best-in-class vehicular combat set across a wide range of huge sandbox maps each with a different tactical focus. New vehicles like the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and the UH-60 transport helicopter allow for all-new multiplayer tactics in the warzone. Extensive fine-tuning ensures that this will be the most realistic vehicle combat experience to date. Tactical destruction is taken to new heights with the updated DICE Frostbite engine. Players can now take down entire buildings or create their own vantage points by blasting holes through cover, thereby delivering a unique dynamic experience in every match.

Players can also compete in 4-player teams in 2 exclusive squad-only game modes, fighting together to unlock exclusive team awards and achievements. Spawn on your squad to get straight into the action and use gadgets such as the tracer dart in conjunction with the RPG to devastating effect. Excellence in the battlefield is rewarded with an extensive range of pins, insignias and stars to unlock along with 50 dedicated ranks to achieve. Variety also extends into the range of customizable kits weapons and vehicles available. With 4 distinct character classes, dozens of weapons, several gadgets and specializations, players have over 15,000 kit variations to discover and master. Players will be able to fine-tune their preferred fighting style to give them the edge in combat.

All of these features combine to deliver spectacular and unpredictable action moments found nowhere else in a modern warfare experience. The game also sees the return of the "B" Company squad in a more mature and intense single player experience where the stakes are higher than ever.


Additional Info: 

The CD-Key is unused and unbanned, it is necessary for the online authorization/activation of the game. It will let you play single or multiplayer and download all the game patches forever trouble free. 

In opposition to other sellers, we do not offer the illegally obtained digital CD-Keys that might get you banned or disabled anytime in the future. Please have no worries!

Delivery will be made to the email address used when paying via Paypal or credit card within maximum 1 minute (products in-stock only). Products out of stocks max 24-48 hours.



Installation Methods:

1. Activate CD-key in Origin client, download the game, install and play.

    You will find Origin client on Electronic Arts website here 

    You can activate cd-key on too.

2. If you have game on DVD, install from DVD using the purchased CD-Key and play. 



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2011-05-15 jona .... this is great thanks
2010-12-21 John .... I was just wondering if this purchase would include just the initial key to get online or the one to download the DLC?
2010-10-22 Rob .... I bought this game a month ago. CD key works fine. Everything went smoothly and easily. Thanks!
2010-10-20 Eric .... I paid thru paypal and received the key within a few seconds after payment!!

Works perfectly!
Highly recommended!
2010-10-14 Kate .... Cdkey works, incredibly fast delivery, best prices on the net.
2010-09-29 Patrick .... Thanks guys, the cdkey works perfect. I was little worried so I checked on EA chat support and they told me that the key is 100% legal so I have no more questions. :))) Top notch service!
2010-09-13 Chris .... I received my game key after a few seconds after purchase. The key works fine and I had no troubles registering it with EA Download Manager. Great service and great price.
2010-09-09 Michael .... Excellent service! Got the cd key after payment. Works online and offline with my dvd installation and EADM. Thanks, keep it like this!
2010-09-08 Dave .... Wonderful! Got my cdkey within few seconds!
I can't stop playing now! :)) - wonderful game, wonderful site, THANKS !
2010-08-31 Jack .... All went smooth. I profoundly surprised with the ease of the entire procedure, and would recommend this site to anyone who still has doubts about it.
The cdkey arrived in a seconds after payment. The game works right of the bat, and I'm happy to say that i had no trouble at all installing it. Thanks, will be buying from u again.
Regards from Australia.
2010-08-21 zach .... Got the key in under a min, works with ea manager, works great
2010-08-17 Thomas .... Awesome and cheap, got my key within a minute, worked perfectly no problems. Thanks alot!
2010-07-27 Cody .... Thanks guys, I really appreciate this! I live in Australia so this key was EXTREMELY cheap compared to the $60 it costs here normally! I got the key within an 3 minutes after I did the payment and then activated it, worked great!
2010-07-25 Andrew .... Very quick delivery, automatically within 2 minutes of purchase. Easy to purchase. Worked with no issues. Thanks! Great service! Great prices!
2010-07-23 Garry .... Ordered about 5 hours ago, Got it in 3 minutes on my email, Downloaded it and playing online fine! Thanks
2010-07-20 Marek .... Awesome and cheap, got my key within a minute, worked perfectly no problems thanks alot
2010-07-20 Jonathan .... I was a litle worryed to if the keys where good but they are!!! now if i need a game i will came here!
2010-07-19 Jason .... Prompt service, had my key after payment. Will be using this site again for sure.
2010-07-17 Jack .... This website is totally legit and awesome. you can't beat their prices. I bought BC2 and it got activated on EA. 100% legit and recommended

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